Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Results of my 15 month checkup in Minneapolis

These are pictures I took on my phone while I was on my customary walk along the Mississippi River after my checkup.  For October, the weather was nice.

The results are back from my visit and look good.

The CBC was typical.  WBC was 2.5,  Hemoglobin was 11.4 which is a little low.
Blood chemistry tests were normal with the albumin at 3.6 and total protein at 6.5, both of which are just a bit low.

My A1c which is the 3 month overall average measure of blood sugar was 5.6   Normal is 4-6.

Fasting glucose was 97  and C-peptide was 1.23

Post-prandial (90 min. after meal) glucose was 171  and C-peptide was 4.96

The only thing that worried me was that despite my best efforts, I have lost another pound.  I discussed this with Dr. Bellin.  She didn't seem worried and we wondered if maybe this is just my new weight.  I knew it was typical to lose some weight right after the transplant, but I didn't expect to keep losing.  I know that I lost some during the CMV experience, but I expected to gain that back.  I guess I will just stop worrying about it and just buy some new clothes.  I am also planning on polling the other islet cell patients that I communicate with and see how their weight is behaving.

In the last week, I have visited my retina specialist and been told that my cotton-wool spot is gone, and had my CMV titer measured and it was negative,  So that experience seems to be behind me now.  I will continue to have my CMV measured every 2 months for awhile, just to be sure.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear how good you are doing so I would like to hear some more about how you aer doing with the anti reject drugs and if you can tell me which ones I just did my first round of blood tests for the diabetic research institute part of univ of miami I am excited but kind of on the fence because of the drugs and side effects. Please give me what info you can you are the first person I have found i can get input from. Thanks. Mark

Kathy said...

Hi Mark,
I am on Cellcept and Prograf now. I have some problems with diarrhea which were bad at first, but are continuing to get better. I keep hearing that the first year is the hardest and I think that will be true with me. I was on Raptiva and Rapamune for the first 8 months after the transplant. I had no side effects with those other than some minor mouth sores. Theses drugs had to be discontinued due to some problems with the Raptiva, much to my disappointment. All in all, I consider it to be way worth it. Contact me through my e-mail(in my profile) if you want more details, and I would love to hear about your experience at the DRI. That is one center that I watch closely and have much respect for the researchers.