Thursday, December 17, 2009

Endocrinologist appt.

I have a new endocrinologist.  The one that I had been seeing for 25 years has retired.  I really like my new doctor.  He is very excited about my transplant which of course, is very exciting for me.  He actually participated in some of the early research on islet cells when he was in medical school.

He had some interesting things to say at this visit and I want to write them here and will probably be referring back to see what I was thinking at this point in time.

He is worried about my fasting blood sugars being higher than at the last visit.  Three months ago, they were mostly below 100.  Now they are between 110 and 115.  This correlates with an increase in my A1c which was 5.3 and is now 5.6.  I have been somewhat worried about this too, but am hoping that it is due to other factors like my cold and the season.  I always am at my best in the summer.  I think it is the added activity that the summer facilitates.  Only time will tell what is happening.  I have worried about this before, only to see a return to normal.

He asked if it would be possible to begin insulin or oral glucose lowering medicines early in hopes of keeping the islet cells stronger for longer.  This is something that I will ask about at my next appointment in Minneapolis next month.

He commented that he is glad he received me as a patient after I had already had the transplant, so that he does not have to deal with the possible guilt if this does not go well.  I can understand this.  (My former endocrinologist was not all for my doing this, and it was a bit uncomfortable for both of us that I did it anyway.)  When he said this, I said that no matter how this ends, I will never doubt my decision to have tried this option.  He smiled and wrote what I said in his notes.  I asked if this was to read back to me later?  He said no, he just likes to write that kind of thing down.  I gave him permission to throw it in my face if needed.  I know that the decline will be difficult.

He was just a little concerned about my weight.  I was exactly the same as my previous appt. at 105 lbs.  He ordered some thyroid function tests which have come back normal.

My Cellcept level is back up.  I have been tolerating the increase, but would not mind going back to the previous dose.  I am due to have a recheck next week for both drug levels.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping for the best - that your new islets will continue to function beautifully. You're in great hands with Dr. Hering.


p.s. Thanks for posting a link about Springpoint Project on your blog. I'm hopeful for porcine islet transplants in the future for the masses.