Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 500 post islet cell transplant

500 days now and I remember well wishing for just 2 hours (in a row) of stable blood sugars.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

Things are mostly stable at this point.  I just had my monthly labs done and there were just a few minor issues.

My Cellcept level was low, so I have increased my morning dose.  Hopefully, my stomach won't suffer too much for it.  Ironically, we are planning a weekend getaway to Florida with some friends so I am hoping I will not be having my old stomach problems.  The last time my level was increased was just before we left for St. Thomas, so I have a right to be paranoid.

My blood sugars have been creeping up a bit, but it is probably due to the cold I had along with a few other minor issues. My glucose meter average is about 115 now.  When I asked about it, I was told not to worry, that just happens.  I probably fluctuated with minor stresses before the transplant, but the numbers were so inconsistent that it was hard to detect. Now I can tell by looking at my logs when I have had a headache.

Due to the inspiration of Donna, the author of the book One Step Up From A Lab Rat, I have decided to start volunteering some time to the local chapter of the JDRF.  I called them a few weeks ago, and am waiting to hear how I  might be able to help.  In the process, I joined Juvination, which is an online community connected with the JDRF, and I have met some interesting people.

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I hope the increased dose does not cause stomach problems and that the trip goes well. Good luck.