Thursday, May 3, 2012

Endo visit with better labs and my incredible Golden

I saw my endocrinologist recently and feel much better about how things are going.  I've been worried about my recent rash of out of range lab results and was expecting to have a very serious and possibly discouraging visit with him this time.

The visit began well with my blood pressure at 170/80.  This is good considering that my lisinopril had been reduced since my previous visit.  My A1c was 6.0.  This is up from 5.8 three months ago, but is still quite good.  My C-peptide was 0.53 which is up slightly from the last visit.  Normal C-peptide is 0.9-6.9.  So I'm below normal, but still have some.  It still amazes me at how much a small amount can help make life so much easier.

Next we discussed the chemistry values that have had me so concerned.  The good news is that my potassium is down to 4.7.  Normal is 3.5-5.0, so I am back in range.  I was at 6.0 as of the last testing.  I've really been struggling with the low potassium diet, so I'm glad to see it back to normal.  Dr. G. agreed that it was probably a result of the lisinopril.  The bad news was that my creatinine was up to 1.6 which is the highest its been.  That prompted a call to the nephrologist.  She wasn't overly concerned and has ordered another draw to see if it will come down.

I asked Dr. G. if all of this was leading to  a brick wall where I was going to have to choose between my islets and my kidneys.  He said no, that he thought I would probably come back to normal.  I was surprised and very relieved to hear this.  He's more pessimistic than me (which is a good thing), so this has really put me at ease.

My cholesterol was at 226 with an LDL of 117.  So now I am taking 20mg of Lovastatin instead of 10mg/day.  My HDL was at 95 which probably accounts for most of the high cholesterol.

Senator has been progressing nicely with his DAD training.  He now alerts me to my lows which is really exciting.  I don't have too many of them, and they really aren't dangerous lows, so I can really enjoy the process.  I'm just now starting to introduce him to the high BG scent.  Hopefully, that will go just as smoothly.  The highs will really be of more use to me at this point.  The high BGs are stressful to my new islets.

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Karen said...

I always hold my breath a little when I read about your appointments. I'm glad to hear it went better than you expected and that your endo is optimistic!! You are such a trail-blazer for us and I'm always sending good islet thoughts to you!!