Thursday, May 17, 2012

Islet cell patch

The assignment for today in the third annual Diabetes Blog Week is to tell about your fantasy diabetes device.

Well, my device is only slightly mechanical, but should do the trick.  Its modeled after Sernova's islet cell pouch system, but takes it a bit further.  My device is a patch that is similar to a nicotine patch.  It is removable and discreet.  It is easily applied to any area of the skin.  It holds an incredible amount of islet cells (pig), that were created to be able to elude the body's immune system.  No immunosuppression is necessary.  Its only electronic function is to perform a weekly C-peptide.  When the C-peptide value decreases to a minimal value, the patch will be removed and replace with another.  Glucose monitoring would not be necessary because there would be no significant   fluctuations in blood sugar anyway.

They would come in various shapes and colors.

Mine would look something like this.  Maybe in green.

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