Monday, May 14, 2012

If you don't already follow Joshua Levy's blog, you should!

"You should" are words that I try to avoid saying in conversation, and would rarely put into print.  But for this I'll make an exception.

Its the third annual blog week that was created by Karen at Bitter~Sweet.  I plan on writing on a few of the topics.  The first topic is "Find a Friend".  The  assignment is to introduce a blogger that I read and would like more people to know about.

I didn't have to think long on this one.  I've been following Joshua Levy for a few years now.  In his blog, he is constantly scrutinizing the research for the cure of Type 1 diabetes.  He is the parent of a Type 1, so his motivation to do this is obvious.  He has a clear definition on what he considers to be the cure and keeps track of the clinical trials as they progress towards this goal.  He writes scientifically, but impartial.  He gets excited by the ones that are making progress and you can feel his disappointment when the results are negative or inconclusive and an avenue reaches its endpoint.  He writes a little over my head, which I like.  I always learn something.

He also gives credit to where the funding comes for these trials.  I made a poster for my JDRF walk which shows which trials are funded by the JDRF.  It got a lot of attention and served to encouraged people to want to donate more and educate some on what is happening in the research field.  Most people don't have specific knowledge of what is happening and how close we are.

Here is the link to his blog.  I hope that you will find the same inspiration here that I have here.  Many thanks to Joshua for the long hours that he must put into creating this very useful and insightful blog.

He also recently created a new blog about the many times that mice have been cured of Type 1 diabetes.  Also very interesting and must be a good way to air frustration with this seemingly false hope.

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et63 said...

Thanks for that link Kathy!! I too, get disappointed when news seems to stop. I am aware of the mice who have been cured, and what I would love to know, is WHY this sort of research and development gets squashed ... (I know) but the people need to become one LOUD voice. Have a great week!!