Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 12 stomach pain

Today starts out well.  Gary and I sit on the porch and lament that we should be leaving on yet another vacation to florida with some friends.  Last week, we decided it would probably be too much for me and cancelled our trip.  We had bought flight insurance when we purchased the tickets in case I got "the call" before we left.  So canceling the flights was easy,just disappointing.  We were really looking forward to it, and it was our 2nd vacation to miss.

Gary headed out to do some work, and I stayed home to rest.  At about 10:00, I decided to water my flowers.  I got about halfway done and suddenly my stomach started to really hurt.  I put down the hose and went inside and put my knees to my chest.  It  didn't get any better and after a few hours, I was getting worried.  I called Val and left a message with her.  After a few more minutes, I was getting really worried that something might be really wrong.  It felt like gas, but it just wouldn't go away, and the pain was really intense.  I was worried that something might be wrong with my liver or some kind of  complication of the surgery.  So, I called Dr Harmon, the surgeon.  He was  extremely nice about me calling, and was also concerned.  He suggested that I go get an x-ray done of my abdomen.  Val called back then and suggests trying a gas-X pill to see if that would help.  So I called poor Gary and had  him come home to be with me and to bring me the pills.

I tried the pills, but they did not help at all.  I tried drinking water, and walking around and anything I could think of.  I was still in alot of  pain.  So at about 4:00pm, we left for the emergency room.  On the way, probably because I am so  exhausted from the pain, I fell asleep.  When Gary woke me up to  say we  were there, I realized that the pain was almost  gone.  We walked around the parking lot for about 1/2 hour and decided to go  back home.  I just couldn't walk into an emergency room and say that I  was there because I had gas earlier that day.

We went back home and had a nice evening.  I took Lucky, our dog, for  a short walk.  She is my walking partner and I know she has been missing our walks as much as I  have.  We had a little bonfire in the back yard with some of Becky's friends.

As soon as I went to  bed, the pain returned.  Just like before.  I  found that I was most comfortable if I  was sitting straight up, so I spent the night on the couch sitting and trying to sleep.  I actually did sleep some and woke up at 5am feeling better.  So I went back to bed.

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