Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 2 Discharged from hospital

I am more awake today and not as nauseated.  I still can't eat much.  I am to be discharged from the hospital today and spend most of the day making sure I have all of the information and supplies that I  will need to take care of myself.

I get a lesson in pill  sorting.  I now have one of those 2-dimensional pill boxes that have several pills in each compartment.  I am still not quite myself, but fortunately, Gary is paying close attention, and he helps me with my pills for the next few days.  He learns which ones I absolutely must take, and which  ones can be postponed if my stomach says no way. 

I have a visit from Dr. Hering who seems pleased with my progress.  Dr Harmon comes in to check my incision and see how I am doing.  My incision seem a bit red at the top, so he recommends putting some moist heat on it.  Dr. Bellin, who helps me manage my glucose levels helps to create a regime to balance my insulin, glucose levels and carbs. 

I am taken off all of the ivs which is wonderful, and I reattach my insulin pump.  The amount of insulin that I am taking is already much lower than what I required before the transplant.  I will no longer be taking Symlin, which is a drug like  insulin that lowers blood glucose levels.  

The theory is to rest the islet cells as much as possible at first so that the cells can become acclimated inside my liver.  Then, hopefully, they will begin to produce insulin, and my pump will need to provide less and less.  I can monitor my pump to see how many units I am using per day to assess how well the new islet cells are performing.

We leave the hospital, stop at a drugstore for a few supplies, and I  look for some food that I might be able to eat.  We then go to our friends, who happen to live near Minneapolis and have invited us to stay at their home while I am here for the transplant.  They have a beautiful home set off by itself in a quiet natural setting.  I find a comfy couch by the window where I spend many hours over the next few days watching the birds and dozing.  It is actually very satisfying and relaxing.  Gary is able to help with a household project and has a good time reconnecting with his best boyhood friend.

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K8 AH said...

I am confused about why the islet cells were transplanted into your liver rather than pancreas. How does that work?