Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 0 the surgery

Finally time for the big day.  My blood sugars are stable.  I have to be fasting for the surgery which is scheduled for noon.  I am still pretty groggy from the medication and am sleeping alot.  The time comes for them to take me to surgery, so I kiss my wonderful husband, and am wheeled away.  I vaguely remember that there was a delay in starting.  The islet cells were actually processed in St. Paul, and there was some glitch in getting them  released, so the surgery wasn't done until 1:00pm.  Even though I asked for the lowest dose  of  medication possible, because I wanted to remember it, I still slept through most of  the procedure.  I only remember being told that it was over and went very well.  At this point, of course, I was very exhilarated and began to thank everyone in the room and say how happy I was to have this procedure done.  I remember that moment very well, and probably always will.  I believe it to be a life changing day.  For whatever reason, all of my discomfort was gone and I  was just very happy.  
When I got back to my room, I enjoyed the moment with my husband, and he made several  phone calls to family who were waiting for news.  I was put on some more pain medication and began a long sleepy period.

This seems like a good time to mention that my islet cells came from a donor in South Dakota.  All I know is that he was a 19 year old young man.  I feel very sorry for the loss that his family must have suffered.  And of course, I am very grateful that he was an organ donor.  I do feel a responsibility to him to take the best care that I can so that the cells have the best chance  not only to help me, but to  provide data that will lead to the cure  of  Type 1 diabetes.  I honestly believe that this is the path to that end.

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