Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 28

Today was my 28 day checkup at the clinic.  Each week I have blood drawn and one of the things being tested is the C-peptide, which measures islet cell activity.  Before the transplant, mine was zero, meaning that I had essentially no functional islets.  

Last week, my fasting C-peptide was 0.51 and my stimulated (after eating) C-peptide was 4.32.

Today, my fasting C-peptide was 1.11 and my stimulate C-peptide was 2.14.  

I am not sure why the stimulated one went downward,  I need to  learn more about this.  But, the increase in the fasting is good.

My cholesterol is higher than before the transplant which is due to  the drugs.  I will have to watch my fat intake a bit closer than before.  I did not really worry about it before.  I thought watching carbs and total calories created enough limitations.  So, I do have some room to  cut back with cholesterol.  

I  haven't seen my other lab results from this visit.  So  I assume that  my wbc count and immunosuppressant levels are within range.  

I am developing two  mouth lesions on the inside of my cheeks, but so far they are not too bad.

After the visit, we drove back to Madison where  we spent the night with my dad  and his wife.

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