Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 25 back to work

I went back to work yesterday.  It was nice to  get back to that part of my life.  Luckily summer is a slower time in a clinical lab, so I didn't fee too pushed.  My coworkers were very supportive and I had several offers for help if I needed, but fortunately, I  was able to keep up.  After work, I came home and just rested, and then Gary and I went down to our the fair that was being put on by our town.  I always enjoy seeing the floral displays.  

Today I did  get a little tired at work, but not horrible. It just shows me that I am not all the way recovered yet.  After work, we went back to the fair, Gary to run in the 5-mile race, and me to cheer him on and to visit with some friends.  Gary was third in his age group.

I am at 11 units of insulin/day now.  My blood sugars are almost  all perfectly normal even though I  am making a conscious effort to  eat more.

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