Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 13 fly to MN

I wake up feeling much better and assume that it is over.  I have breakfast and drive to the Cleveland airport.  I am flying to Minneapolis for  my Day 14 visit the next morning.  The flight went well and I was feeling fine.  When I got to my hotel, I dropped off my suitcase and took an enjoyable walk along the Mississippi River.  I ate supper at a restaurant that specializes in noodles, and went back to the hotel.  

I made a few phone calls and settled in for the evening.  I was still feeling fine.

My glucose levels are still very stable.  I had  one low (50) in the airport, probably because I  had a long walk between gates right before lunchtime.  I was a little surprised that I couldn't feel it more than I  did.  I guess it takes awhile before the low blood sugar sensations return.  I turn down my basal rate again.  I am now at 17 units of insulin/day.

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