Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 15 to the ER

I finally left Chicago on the 8:30am flight to Cleveland.  I do manage to sleep for a  few minutes on the plane.  I get through the airport, find my car and drive back home.  I am still in alot of pain.  I take a shower and Gary and I go back the the ER.  This time we go in.  

Of course, no one in the ER has ever heard of an islet cell transplant, but they all  find it fascinating.  The Dr orders an X-ray and some lab tests and we wait for the results.  The ER Dr. says that  there  is some blockage of my intestine and that she is going to admit me.  This is when I realize  my mistake.  I came to  the ER of the closest hospital, and the one that  I actually worked at for many years, but not the one that my own doctor goes to.  It is too late to go somewhere else, so I am admitted and pain medication  is administered.  It takes 2 medications, but finally my pain is better.  

The strategy to heal  me is to have me not eat anything and hope that  the blockage breaks up and passes through. So I go to my room to get settled in just wait.  Gary makes some more phone calls.  I continue  to check my blood sugars.  They are still  doing well.

The night is uneventful.  I am just happy to be finally out of  pain. 

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