Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 8 at home

I wake up feeling good.  I eat some cereal for breakfast and try to get caught up on some paperwork and phone calls.  The girls did a good job with the housework, but I have a few things I  have to do to feel comfortable.  I probably tried to do too much, but I just couldn't help it. 

I e-mailed the community college where I  teach a microbiology lab and said that I needed to take a semester off to get back on my feet.  They were also  very understanding and interested in my experience.  As focussed as I am on my immediate health, it  is still amazing that I have accomplished my goal of the transplant.  And it seems to be going so well.  Even the number of pills that I am taking are not as overwhelming.  And some have been discontinued.  I am at 21 units of insulin/day.

I get caught up with some neighbors and friends who knew what we had been doing and were very excited to hear of my progress.  It was a very nice day.

Val calls later that  evening and says that my rapamune level is a little too low as of yesterday's blood work, and that I should increase back to 5 pills/day.

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K8 AH said...

What kind of insulin? Long acting insulin? Did you take insulin when you ate?