Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 38

After discussing my injection  problem with the Dr., it was decided that I  should inject more so that I remain at the desired level of medication.  I feel better about it.  I would hate for any islets to be jeopardized.

I showed my ringworm to a friend who had seen it before, and she thought that it is indeed ringworm.  I picked up some lotion  at the pharmacy that will hopefully take care of it quickly.  Its not too  uncomfortable, just kind of gross to think about.

I have been feeling good.  I still get a little more tired than I feel I should.  I am hoping that gaining weight will help with this.  Also, the islets seem to be working harder every day.  So I am still fighting with low blood sugars.  I am finding that any exercise at all really lowers my blood sugar.  I have been turning off my pump whenever I go for a walk, but I still usually end up low.  I am going to have to try turning it off for awhile even before I start my walk. I  don't think the islets should take me low, so it is probably due to  the insulin in my pump.  This is what I would call a good problem.

I used 8 units of insulin yesterday.

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