Friday, August 1, 2008

Screening tests

The next step in the process, is  to go to U. of Minneapolis to have further testing done.  At this point, I was still considering U.  o f Chicago, but couldn't coordinate the time to go for screening.  So, my Mom and I drove through a snowstorm in December to Minneapolis.  I wanted to drive instead of flying because the testing was spread out over 3 days, and you move forward only if the test results are favorable, so I did not want to be rejected after the first day with no way to go right home.

The tests consisted of bloodwork that measured glucose tolerance, C-peptide, CBC, kidney and liver function, and immune status to a variety of diseases.  A 24hr. urine was collected.  An EKG was performed.  A stress echo of my heart, and an ultrasound of  my liver, and many other tests that I don't remember, or  don't understand.  There was also  a test, the PRA, that measured how many antibodies I already had in my serum.  If this number is too high, I would not be a good candidate, because I would be very capable  of rejecting the new cells.  This was the number I was most worried about.  There is no way of predicting what it might be.

The testing was  enjoyable.  Everyone at the  clinic was very knowledgeable and friendly and I was confident that my test results would come out as expected.  I would fail all of the glucose related testing and pass all of the general  health tests.  I did stay until the third day, and then we made the journey back home.  Fortunately, the weather was much better.  Unfortunately, I didn't get all of the results of the  tests before I left, the PRA especially, so we couldn't completely celebrate  yet, but things looked good.

Here is a study of islet cell transplants that includes the inclusion/exclusion criteria.

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firedancermom said...

This is quite a thing to take on. Have decided to read your journey from the beginning so I can understand it.

I wonder what age you were diagnosed with type 1 - and if you always had a hard time controlling your #'s - or if control became harder to come by as you had t1 for longer and longer?

You are brave!