Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 3 tired

It felt good  to spend the night in a regular bed with no one poking me or taking vital signs.  I  did test my glucose levels a few times that night, just to be sure.

I wake up feeling already very tired.  Gary manipulates our way thru traffic to the clinic and drops me off at the front door.  I go inside and have my blood drawn.  I try to eat  something, but can only manage a small bowl of cereal and about half of my eggs.

I find out that one reason that I  am so tired is that my white blood cell count is very low, even lower than is needed for immunosuppression.  A shot is prescribed that  should raise my wbc count quickly.  We get that at the pharmacy and I inject it in the car before we head back to our friends house.

In a few hours, I do feel better, but I still rest most of this day.  I am learning alot about birds and their habits.  There are even some turkeys who frequent the feeder.

I call the lab where I work and give an update on my health.  It is mostly good, it is  apparent that  the islet cells are beginning to do their  job, but I  am not sure when I will get my strength back.  I am lucky to work with a wonderful group of women who have been supportive  through this entire process.  I know that  my timing is not good for them, but I know they are still very happy and excited for me.  When I say that I would like to be back by the following friday, I am told that they already had me covered until then.  Again,great camaraderie, and great leadership.

I make a few calls to family and friends.  My family is  having a great time in South Carolina, and I know they are all anxious  for news of my progress.  

I  eat some soup and turn in at about 9.

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