Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 5 trip to the lake

I wake up feeling even better today.  I eat some cereal for  breakfast.  It  is the first day since I have been here that I  don't require any fasting blood work.  We don't even have to go to the clinic today at all.  

We spend most of the morning visiting with our friends.  I have half a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and we decide  to explore the area a little.  We decide to look  for a park with a lake.  

We  found a beautiful park with a big lake.  It is Saturday and there are many people out enjoying the sunny July day.  We found a bench  in the shade and just watched all of the action.  It was pleasant, but not natural for either one of us to be an observer instead of a participant.  We should have been in the water and throwing our frisbee.  It also made us long for our lost vacation at the beach.

We stopped for some more groceries, and headed back home.  We had a nice dinner and spent the evening just relaxing.  I finally feel like reading.

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