Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 7 heading for home

I wake up feeling good.  We pack up the car, and say thank you and goodbye to our friends and go to the clinic for  my Day 7 visit.  Again, I am fasting.  I  have my blood drawn and then have an ultrasound of my liver.  Everything looks good, so I get to eat and then have one more blood draw.

Dr. Hering comes in to say goodbye and we have a long discussion on some different approaches to diet that was very interesting.  We also learn that he runs in marathons, and Gary, who also has  done a few marathons, share some of their experiences.

Dr. Harmon comes in to check  my incision, which is  fine.  Dr. Bellin and I go over my insulin needs, which are already decreasing despite the fact that I am eating more.  I  get my final instructions from Val, the coordinator, and we are ready to head back to Ohio.

It is a beautiful and warm day, and the drive is  pleasant.  We make a few stops for  food and gas, and are excited to finally get home.  We arrive at about 2:45am with Gary doing all of the driving.  We wake up and hug both of the girls.  It has been a long time since we left them.  They survived well without us and I  know learned alot about running the house.  If they had too much fun while we were away, at least they covered their tracks well.  They both had the same question upon being awakened.  "Let me see your scar?!"

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