Friday, August 8, 2008

Day -1

This day is and was mostly a blur.  I was beginning to feel the effects of  the thymoglobulin and some of the other meds that I was beginning to take.  Blood sugars were still being monitored closely, trying to keep me as stable as possible.  Since I wasn't eating much, this became easier.  By evening, I began to get a fever and chills, which was uncomfortable for me, but indicated that the thyroglobulin was doing its job.  I also began to take my allotment of pills for the transplant procedure.  I still haven't had the nerve to count how many there actually are, but they are numerous.  I have never been much of a pill taker, except for vitamins and calcium, so it seems overwhelming.

The surgeon who was going to insert the islet cells came in to meet me.  Dr. Harmon, like all of the  others on the transplant team was very excited for  me and for the prospect  of another islet cell transplant.  Everything was going well.  

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